***Pups arrived: 13 August 2012*** 
Exciting working boxer litter incorporating strong working German lines
with half English/half Italian breeding

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Sire: Dam:
World IPO3 Boxer Champion
Veith von Altenburg
DoB: 10.07.2006
CDex UDex
DoB: 08.07.2008

Official Health Scores:
 - Heart Score: Clear
 - Hip Score: A2 - Pass
 - Spondylosis: 0 (clear)

Official Health Scores:
 - Heart Score: Clear
 - Hip Score: BVA 7, 4 (Total 11) - Pass
Veith von Altenburg is a well put together boxer, graded 'excellent' in the show ring and is possibly one of the best working boxers in Europe at this moment in time. He has incredible enthusiasm, drive and motivation and a pedigree full of top working lines.
Veith lives in a home environment with two other dogs as well as a baby confirming his well rounded temperament. Veith has also competed with a young handler in 2009, participating, and winning, the Junior Handling Championship showing his versatility to working, and respecting, all handlers.
Veith's achievements include:
Working Titles
VPG3: Highest schutzhund level
IPO3: Highest international schutzhund level
AD: Endurance test
ZTP: Suitable for breeding test
 Championship Working Competition Results
1st - Apr 2011 Atibox IPO3 (European Boxer IPO3 Championship) (Score 288/300)
16th - Aug 2010 VDH - All Breed German KC Championship (Score 273/300) - highest placed boxer
2nd - Apr 2010 Atibox IPO3 (European Boxer IPO3 Championship) (Score 270/300)
1st - Oct 2010 German Boxer VPG Championship (Score 292/300)
5th - Oct 2009 German Boxer VPG Championship (Score 273/300)
27th - Aug 2009 VDH - All Breed German KC Championship (Score 266/300) - highest placed boxer
1st - May 2009 Junior Handler Championship (Score 286/300)
Here are two video's of Veith in action completing an IPO3 control and protection round showing his drive, motivation and attentive working attitude.
Atibox IPO3 - Control 
Atibox IPO3 - Protection
This is an exciting litter mixing strong german working lines with half english/half italian lines. The puppies will be of working temperament and should excel in any discipline - obedience, working trials, schutzhund and agility.
For further details about this exciting working litter, please contact us at the following:
Martin Bearryman: martin@bosckoph.co.uk or call 07730 433 154
Tobie James: tobie.james@ntlworld.co.uk or call 07973 532 312 

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