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Fred Obedience Critique - Elm Park October 04, 2014
Fred, Bosckoph Dynamic PBegEx CDex UDex WD, came 4th under Donna Bastin at Elm Park in Beginner Dog: 4th No 340 Tobie James and Bosckoph Dynamic (B... [MORE]

Fred Obedience Critique - Culverstone May 17, 2014
Fred, Bosckoph Dynamic PBegEx CDex UDex WD, came 4th  in Beginner Dog at Culverstone DTC under Jenny Harknett: 4th Tobie James with “BOS... [MORE]

Stan gets RCC at London and Home Counties Boxer Club Championship Show October 19, 2013
Stan (Bosckoph Dynamo) wins his first Reserve Challenge Certificate at London and Home Counties Boxer Club Championship Show under Norma Knox (Donny... [MORE]

Fred Obedience Critique - South Eastern July 20, 2013
At South Eastern Obedience show, Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-BegEx, CDex UD ex WD) came 2nd in Beginner Dog. The judge was Liz Evans, and her critique... [MORE]

Stan achieves his Bronze KC Good Citizen June 02, 2013
Stan (Bosckoph Dynamo) achieve his Bronze Kennel Club Good CItizen Award at Southern Counties Breed Champ Show. Quite a task with so many distractio... [MORE]

****Crufts 2014 Qualified**** June 02, 2013
Great day today at Southern Counties Breed Champ Show where both Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex CDex UDex WD) and Stan (Bosckoph Dynamo) qualifed f... [MORE]

****Fred Qualifies and Wins WD Open**** February 23, 2013
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-BegEx, CDEx, UDEx, WD) qualified WD Open at Surrey trial with an almost faultless control and agility round, and a very goo... [MORE]

****Fred Qualifies UDex**** February 16, 2013
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex CDex UDex) qualified for his UDex title at ASPADS, Oxford. With a very nice control round and track, all that was re... [MORE]

****Fred Qualifies UD Open**** November 10, 2012
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-BegEx, CDex) qualified at Ranmore Open show in UD, gaining his Certificate of Merit, so is now eligible to participate in U... [MORE]

Puppies all gone to new homes October 26, 2012
The puppies from Veith von Altenburg and Bosckoph Dark Star have all gone to their new homes. Good luck to all. Bosckoph Reach For The StarsBosckop... [MORE]

6 PUPS ARRIVED August 13, 2012
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex UDex) has had 6 healthy pups sired by World IPO Boxer Champion Veith von Altenburg ZTP, BH, IPO3, VPG3. Click here f... [MORE]

Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex, UDex) has been mated to Veith von Altenburg ZTP, AD, IPO3, VPG3. Pups due mid August. Click here for more details ... [MORE]

Fred Obedience Critique - Cippenham DTC July 01, 2012
At Cippenham DTC Championship Obedience show, Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-BegEx, CDex) came 4th in Beginners, with just half a mark between 1st and 4th... [MORE]

****Fred - 2nd in Jumping**** June 02, 2012
At Dartford agility show Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-BegEx, CDex) had a super day with a 2nd place on Grade 2 Jumping, 17th in Combined 1-3 Jumping and... [MORE]

Fred Qualifies CDex April 21, 2012
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex, CDex) took part in Surrey Championship Working Trial and qualified CDex in 3rd place with 89.5 marks. The next wor... [MORE]

Fred 4th at Easter Celebration April 08, 2012
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex, CDex) attended his first KC agility show in almost two years at Easter Celebration. He did 3 good rounds, including... [MORE]

****Fred and Wilma Qualify at ASPADS Championship Working Trial**** April 07, 2012
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex) and Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) both qualified at ASPADS Trial in Enfield in different stakes on the same day c... [MORE]

Fred Working Trials Critque - Essex CD Championship March 14, 2012
Following the CD Championship Trial at Essex WTS back in November where Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex) just missed out on qualifyin... [MORE]

Lily - Rainbow Bridge February 15, 2012
We are sad to say that we lost Lily (Bosckoph Miss Dynamite) just before her 7th birthday to lymphoma - gone far too soon. She was an amazing little... [MORE]

Wilma Working Trials Critique - Surrey UD Open December 31, 2011
Following the UD Open Trial at Surrey DTS back in October where Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex, UD) qualified UD Open, her critique has finally come... [MORE]

Fred - Back to Agility! December 27, 2011
At South East Agility Show, Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex) competed in his first agility competition since April 2010 due to injury. With the exce... [MORE]

****Fred, 3rd place - CD Champ, Essex2000 **** November 18, 2011
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex) took part in CD trial at Essex2000 Champ show and came 3rd after a 'run-off for second place' - decided on nose wor... [MORE]

Fred's first trial since coming back November 05, 2011
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex) took part in UD Open at Ranmore Working Trial which was his first trial since coming back from injury and was ... [MORE]

Fred back in training October 31, 2011
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex) is now back in full training for working trials and agility after 18 months off due to injury. So far he is thoroug... [MORE]

****Wilma Qualifies UD Open**** October 02, 2011
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) has qualified UD Open, gaining her Certificate of Merit, and coming 2nd out of 24 dogs at Surrey Open Trial. Sh... [MORE]

****Wilma WINS Grade 2 Agility**** September 18, 2011
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) won grade 2 agility at Trent Park with her first clear round in agility! Wilma will now compete in grade 3. &n... [MORE]

Fred back in training - Tracking Video September 11, 2011
After almost 18 months, Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic) is now back in full training for both agility and working trials and we look forward to competing ag... [MORE]

More agility results for Wilma September 02, 2011
More agility results have been added to Wilma's page (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) ... [MORE]

Bosckoph Firecracker Added to 'My Dogs' August 27, 2011
Kookie "Bosckoph Firecracker", owned by Renee Patience, has been added to 'My Dogs'. Kookie is a litter sister to Fred and Wilma, and even though on... [MORE]

Working Trials Equipment August 12, 2011
Working trials agility equipment is now available from Bosckoph Boxers. Please contact Martin at if you are interested in... [MORE]

****Wilma 2nd Grade 2 Jumping**** July 31, 2011
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) came 2nd in Grade 2 Jumping at Agility Club Show. They ran early in the class and took the lead and stayed there unt... [MORE]

New Video/Images: Wilma and Boris July 18, 2011
New images of Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) and Boris (Bosckoph Jumpin JackFlash) have been added, as well as a video of Wilma doing 'ha... [MORE]

New Images - Wilma & Lily June 29, 2011
New images of Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) and Lily (Bosckoph Miss Dynamite) have been uploaded of lure racing and agility for Wilma and lure rac... [MORE]

****Wilma 3rd with first clear round at agility competition*** May 29, 2011
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) achieved her first clear round at Cippenham Agility Show in combined grades 1&2 jumping with a lovely fast round... [MORE]

****Wilma 2nd UD Open Hampshire Trial**** March 19, 2011
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star CDex) came 2nd at Hampshire Trial under Gary Haim. With full marks for the jumps, a stunning track, losing just 1.5 m... [MORE]

*** Wilma QUALIFIES CDex *** February 13, 2011
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star) has done a superb round at ASPADS Trial and qualified with over 80% of the overall marks and has achieved the Kennel Club... [MORE]

***Wilma 4th - CD Championship Trial, Essex*** November 20, 2010
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star) did a stunning CD round at Essex Trial. She scored excellent in everything, except for the dumbbell retrieve where, for s... [MORE]

Wilma - UD open trial, Ranmore November 06, 2010
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star) took part in UD Open trial at Ranmore. What a super effort. Her track was excellent scoring 87 out of 90, plus finding bo... [MORE]

Wilma now straight weaving - hoorah! October 26, 2010
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star) is now straight weaving. The two clips below show Wilma on her first set of straight weave training. As her confidence gr... [MORE]

Wilma Agility Training September 29, 2010
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star) is coming along well in agility. See below for a recent clip of her in training. ... [MORE]

Wilma's first working trials - CD and UD September 25, 2010
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star) has taken part in her first working trial competitions. She took part in UD at SATS Open trial on 17th September and for... [MORE]

Fred injured September 01, 2010
Unfortunately, Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic) will be out of action for approximately 6 to 9 months due to injury. Hopefully he will make a full ... [MORE]

*** Lily WINS 'Clash of the K9's 2010 '*** August 29, 2010
Lily (Bosckoph Miss Dynamite) won the 'Clash of the K9's' event at ACES  which took place on 28th & 29th August. This is an annual eve... [MORE]

Wilma takes part in 'Clash of the K9's 2010' August 29, 2010
Wilma (Bosckoph Dark Star) took part in 'Clash of the K9's' event at ACES  which took place on 28th & 29th August. This is an ann... [MORE]

Website updates to Wilma's page July 31, 2010
Video's of Wilma swimming added. Click here to view them.... [MORE]

Fred's first working trial - CD July 02, 2010
Fred (Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex) took part in his first CD working trial competition at Wessex Championship Trial on 2nd July 2010. Fred p... [MORE]

Video updates May 15, 2010
Video's added to Phoebe, Boris and Lily. Click on 'Gallery' to view their video's.... [MORE]

Video Updates March 28, 2010
Training video's of Fred and Wilma updated. Click on 'Gallery' to view their video's.... [MORE]

Website updated November 04, 2009
Website set live.... [MORE]

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