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Bosckoph is a small ‘home-bred’ kennels, owned by Martin Bearryman and based in Feltham, London, breeding for health, temperament, working ability and that order!
Dogs have always been a part of my life including dalmatians, dobermans and weimaraners and obtaining my first boxer, Bonnie, where my love the breed began and developed into what it is today. Bonnie came from Marian Read of Raggedwood Boxers and it is through her advice and encouragement that my initial interest in boxers developed.
Bonnie was a lovely dog, but not of true show quality and I wanted to see if I could show a boxer, so got another – a gorgeous plain golden brindle dog, Clyde. Clyde was of better confirmation than Bonnie, but still not of exceptional quality despite being a great dog to own and enjoy. Unfortunately, Clyde passed away at just 7 years of age from cancer of the liver which was when Oscar, "Diceulon Smooth Operator", came into my life.
Oscar, my first 'proper' show dog, was from Wendy Mitchell (Dieculon Boxers) and she continued to provide me with plenty of encouragement, help and advice. Oscar proved his ability in the show ring by winning many first places, best in shows and achieved his stud book number. It was through
showing that Oscar that I was introduced to agility and the working side of boxers.
Rupert; my first dog & reason for my love of dogs


Barney; went far too soon at 14 months of age 

I started agility with Oscar as a way to exercise his mind as well as a form of physical exercise to help put the ‘buzz’ back into him for the show ring. Oscar was by no way the quickest dog round the agility course, but he held his own and got a good number of placings. However, it was clear that ‘drive and motivation’ was needed in him to achieve what his physical confirmation should be capable of.    
When Bonnie past away, I was fortunate enough to get Phoebe, "Kenzas Seven of Nine Times Diceulon AW". Phoebe was a very slim line, petite girl and even though she did not do badly in the show ring, achieving first places and best in shows, she was not of the same show quality as Oscar. However, when I started training her in agility she was something else!  
Phoebe excelled in the agility ring. She was quick, motivated and nimble footed. The only thing she lacked was accuracy! When she got it right she was superb and in the top 10...we just had to get it right. Phoebe proved to me that a boxer had to have drive and self-motivation to work to be good at agility. 
OttoAfter making the decision to breed from Phoebe, the next decision was which dog was going to be a suitable sire as dog’s in the UK are not worked. Therefore, finding a boxer dog with a true working background in the UK was impossible so I could only pick a sire based on what I could see and the ‘potential’ of the dog. After a lot of searching and investigating, "Ch Belvern Premenition JW" was the best dog. Not only did he have the confirmation attributes that would compliment Phoebe, he also showed motivation and working drive potential after spending time with the Belvern kennels (now Surfstone).
Phoebe’s one and only litter in 2005 produced Boris, "Bosckoph Jumpin JackFlash" and Lily, "Bosckoph Miss Dynamite". Phoebe had this litter when she was 3 years old and after getting over the litter and coming back to full fitness to take part in agility she won many classes and became the first ever boxer bitch to achieve the UK Kennel Club Agility Warrant Award, enabling her to have the
suffix of ‘AW’.
Otto; my weimaraner       
Boris and Lily both have enormous amount of drive and motivation for all sorts of disciplines, both fully trained in agility and working trials as well as both of them being lightly shown.The success of breeding dogs with enthusiasm as well as looks made my ambition to breed a true working dog even stronger and when planning a litter from Lily, a dog with proven working ability was going to be a‘must’. The question was 'Where do you go to find a dog with proven working ability in the UK?'
Fate played a huge part in this second Bosckoph litter as the International and Italian Champion "Crom dei Centurioni" was being imported by Zenmaxkay Boxers into the UK the summer before Lily was due to have the litter. Crom was a stunning boxer with presence, looks, style, attitude as well as having a proven working pedigree and he was "the one" put to Lily.
This litter, born in 2008, produced Wilma, "Bosckoph Dark Star CDex, UDex" and Fred, "Bosckoph Dynamic P-Beg Ex, CDex, UDex, WD". Both dogs appear to have a true working temperament. They are both extremely calm and relaxed in the home environment, but both exude enthusiasm and desire for work, are an absolute pleasure to train and have potential to do well in the future. 
Fred competed in obedience up to the age of 18 months when he would then be able to compete in working trials and agility and became the first boxer to achieve a UK Kennel Club Obedience Excellence Award, enabling him to have the suffix of ‘P-Beg Ex’. After 2 years out of competition due to injury from 2010 to 2012, Fred started competing again, gaining his "CDex" title in working trials in April 2012 and "UD" Certificate of Merit in November 2012, follwed by "UDex" and "WD" Certificate of Merit in February 2013. Fred has also competed in agility but had to retire due to his injuries. 
Wilma has competed in working trials and has become the first Bosckoph boxer in a good few years to gain a working title, "CDex" in 2011 and has gone on to gain her "UD" Certificate of Merit and "UDex". She also excels at agility and in her first season, during 2011, doing few shows, she has consistently been placed top 10 in classes of over 100 dogs at Kennel Club shows. Her first agility clear round in Grade 2 Agility won her into Grade 3 on 18 September 2011 but still her full potential is yet to be seen and she has a real zest for work.
After spending time researching suitable sires for the next Bosckoph litter, one dog stood out above all others, Veith von Altenburg, and he had to be used in future breeding plans at Bosckoph. His working drive and enthusiasm is second to none and, again, fate playing a huge part in the process, we used Veith on Wilma and her litter was born in August 2012.
Wilma's litter produced 6 puppies, by chilled artificial insemination, including Pip, "Bosckoph Shooting Star" and Stan, "Bosckoph Dynamo" 1RCC. Five of these puppies all went to working homes, including one to a top obedience handler in UK, one going to Czech Republic and another to USA. 
A new arrival joined Bosckoph in August 2014, Freda, "Verdendo Lucky Star at Bosckoph". Freda was brought in due to the sudden unexpected loss of Pip in February 2014. Freda has a good pedigree, tying in with the current Bosckoph dogs and also bringing in some good quality English lines. Freda is very intelligent and motivated, quick to learn with a lovely happy temperament. 
The future of Bosckoph boxers is to continue producing working boxers which are also shown with the overall ambition of having a dual working and show champion! 

Breeder of UK boxers; boxers bred to work
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Last Updated: 25 July 2015

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